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  3D Cinema and Television Technology - The First 100 Years

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LIMITED TO ONE COPY PER ORDER. SHIPPING RATES ARE FIXED. $15.00 FOR UPS GROUND DOMESTIC LOCATIONS AND $65.00 FOR INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS. PLEASE ORDER BOOK SEPARATELY FROM OTHER ITEMS. 3D Cinema and Television Technology: The First 100 Years Selected Papers on Stereoscopy from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Editors: Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé and Bill Hogan with Introductions by Ray Zone This compendium contains over 50 papers published in the SMPTE Journal during the past century. These historic SMPTE papers provide a foundation for understanding the current innovations in 3D stereoscopic areas, including acquisition, content creation, exhibition, distribution, and display technology. Edited by Michael D. Smith, Peter Ludé, and Bill Hogan, the papers in this book contain a wealth of information on the transformation of 3D from its early days of experimentation to current applications in media and entertainment. This book will serve as an important reference tool in any technical library. (Hard Copy) The following papers appear in the book: C. Francis Jenkins, "Stereoscopic Motion Pictures", October 1919 WM. V. D. Kelly, "Stereoscopic Pictures SMPE Transactions", October 1923 Hermann Kellner, "Stereoscopy and Its Possiblities in Projection", May 1924 J. F. Leventhal, "The First Use of Stereoscopic Pictures in Motion Picture Theaters", May 1926 George Lane, "A Projector for Stereo, Color, and Standard Films", September 1928 H. E. Ives, "The Problem of Projecting Motion Pictures in Relief", April 1932 H. E. Ives, "An Experimental Apparatus for the Projection of Motion Pictures in Relief", August 1933 C. Kennedy, "The Development and Use of Stereo Photography for Educational Purposes", January 1936 L. Lumiere, "Stereoscopy on the Screen", September 1936 G. M. Wheelwright, "Possibilities of Stereoscopic Motion Pictures", December 1937 J. A. Norling, "Three-Dimensional Motion Pictures", December 1939 J. A. Norling, "Progress in Three-Dimensional Pictures", November 1941 H. T. Souther, "The Illusion of Depth in Motion Pictures", April 1946 J. A. Norling, "Light Control by Polarization and the Applications of Polarizers to the Stereoscopic Process", February 1947 R. V. Bernier, "Three-Dimensional Motion Picture Applications", June 1951 Raymond Spottiswoode, "Progress in Three-Dimensional Films at the Festival of Britain", April 1952 Sam H. Kaplan, "Theory of Parallax Barriers", July 1952 W. Wheeler Jennings and Pierre Vanet, "New Direct-Vision Stereo-Projection Screen", July 1952 Raymond Spottiswoode, N. L. Spottiswoode and Charles Smith, "Basic Principles of the Three Dimensional Film", October 1952 Raymond Spottiswoode, N. L. Spottiswoode and Charles Smith, "Basic Principles of the Three Dimensional Film - errata", December 1952 John T. Rule, "Book Review – The Theory of Stereoscopic Transmission and Its Application to the Motion Picture by Raymond Spottiswoode and Nigel Spottiswoode", November 1953 H. Dewhurst, "Re: "Basic Principles of the Three-Dimensional Film", May 1953 Eugene Millet, "Some Geometrical Conditions for Depth Effect in Motion Pictures", December 1952 Eugene Millet, "Some Geometrical Conditions for Depth Effect in Motion Pictures - errata", April 1953 L. Dudley and Robert V. Bernier, “Letters to the Editor – Re: Three-Dimensional Motion Picture Nomenclature, and reply", July 1952 L. Dudley and John A Norling, "Three-Dimensional Motion Picture Nomenclature", January 1953 Henry Kogel, "SMPTE-Exhibitor Conference on 3-D", February 1953 John A. Norling, "The Stereoscopic Art (A Reprint)", March 1953 Henry Kogel, "Reels, Magazines, Spindles for 3-D", March 1953 Henry Kogel, "Engineering Activities - Film Projection Practice Committee", April 1953 Mitchell Wolfson, "The Motion-Picture Industry", May 1953 Armin J. Hill, "A mathematical and experimental foundation for stereoscopic photography", October 1953 L. W. Chubb, D. S Grey, E. R. Blout, and E. H. Land, "Properties of Polarizers for Filters and Viewers for 3-D Motion Pictures", February 1954 W. A. Shurcliff, "Screens for 3-D and Their Effect on Polarization", February 1954 R. Clark Jones and W. A. Shurcliff, "Equipment to Measure and Control Synchronization Errors in 3-D Projection", February 1954 D. L. MacAdam,"Stereoscopic perceptions of size, shape, distance and direction", April 1954 Charles R. Daily, "Progress Committee Report", May 1954 Edward Levonian, "Stereography and transmission of images", February 1955 Charles R. Daily, "Progress Report - Stereoscopic Photography section", May 1955 Bernard G. Saunders, "Resolution in Stereoscopic Projection", June 1953 Thaddueus R. Murroughs, "Depth Perception: With Special Reference to Motion Pictures - A Reprint", June 1953 Reuel A. Sherman, "Benefits to Vision Through Stereoscopic Films", September 1953 Edward Levonian, "Stereography and the Physiology of Vision", March 1954 Nobuyuki Hiruma and Tadahiko Fukuda, "Accomodation Response to Binocular Stereoscopic TV Images and Their Viewing Conditions", December 1993 Leslie P. Dudley, "A New Development in Autostereoscopic Photography", August 1970 Stephen Herman, "Principles of binocular 3D displays with applications to television", July 1971 Colin Low, "Large Screen 3-D: Aesthetic and Technical Considerations", January 1984 Lenny Lipton and Lhary Meyer, "A Flicker-Free Field-Sequential Stereoscopic Video System", November 1984 Ruediger Sand, "New Aspects and Experiences in Stereoscopic Television", November 1984 M.G. Maxwell, "Three-Dimensional Color Television", August 1985 Sumio Yano and Ichiro Yuyama, "Stereoscopic HDTV: Experimental System and Psychological Effects", January 1991 Lenny Lipton, "The Evolution of Electronic Stereoscopy", May 1991 G. Harris, W. Shaw, M. Dean, M. Hendriks, M. Omidvar, H. Murray and K. Baker, "3-D for the Nineties - A Wide-Field Stereo IMAX Camera", October 1994 Hirokazu Yamanoue, "The relation between size distortion and shooting conditions for stereoscopic images", April 1997 Lenny Lipton, "The Stereoscopic Cinema - From Film to Digital Projection", September 2001

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